Horizon Cloud Pod Architecture 7.1 Update

Last year with the release of Horizon 7 I wrote a blog on the new features of Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA) this included the new scale numbers. You can find that blog here.

This week VMware released Horizon 7.1 and with this release VMware has increased the scale numbers yet again for Cloud Pod Architecture.

Now with Horizon 7.1 Cloud Pod Architecture can support a maximum of 75k sessions across 5 sites.

The table below shows the new update compared with Horizon 7.0

Horizon 7 Horizon 7.1
Total Number of Sessions 50,000 75,000
Total Number of Sites 5 5
Total Number of Pods 25 25

This is yet another great update to VMware’s Horizon and Cloud Pod Architecture.


VMware Horizon Multi-VLAN Update

With the release of VMware Horizon 7.1 this week, VMware has made a significant update to the way Horizon supports Multi-VLAN for Instant Clones.

Multi-VLAN support, if you are not aware of this feature allows you to assign Multiple VLANs to a single Horizon View Pool. For example if you have a Horizon View Pool with 1000 desktops these desktops could be spread across 4 different VLANs rather than all sitting on one very large VLAN.

Multi-VLAN support has been around in Horizon View for some time now, however the catch was that it needed to be configured from the command line using a PowerShell script and this wasn’t always the easiest and was not that easy to go back and change.

With the release of Horizon 7.1 when you create an Instant Clone Pool you can now configure Multi-VLANs right from the GUI.

When you get to the vCenter settings page you will now see a new option for Networks.


Once you click on Browse you will see the new screen to choose what VLANs you want to use for your new Instant Clone pool.

You will first need to uncheck the box “Use network from current parent VM image”


Once this box is unchecked you can choose just what networks you would like to use for the newly created Instant Clone Pool.

NOTE: This feature is only available for Instant Clones Pools Desktops or RDSH servers. For Linked Clones you would need to use the old way using the PowerShell script.



Goodbye AT&T, Hello T-Mobile

After 13 years using AT&T as my cell service provider and with my oldest child getting to the age where I need to give him a cell phone I decided it was time to look at my options.

I was currently paying roughly $190 for 2 lines with AT&T this included unlimited calls and texts and 10Gb of shared data, both lines are iPhones but 10Gb’s was fine especially when I was working from home, but if I traveled more than 1 week in a month then we got very close to that 10Gb limit.

I then though how much extra data I would need if I add a third line for my eldest kid I know how much data he will get through. Time to look at options.

After looking at Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint I decided to choose T-Mobile as my new service. The first reason was easy T-Mobile would support my current iPhones so I didn’t need to get any new phones.

So what are the benefit I have received by moving to T-Mobile

  • Unlimited Data, Text and Calls
  • Unlimited calls includes landlines and mobiles in a number of different countries included the UK, very important for me 🙂
  • Unlimited Data when traveling abroad, yes this is at 256Kbs speeds but thats good enough when traveling
  • Unlimited Texts when traveling abroad
  • The ability to use our phones as Hotspots (10Gbs is the limit for hotspot data)
  • Free Go-Go internet when traveling on planes
  • Free WiFi calling

So what is the cost benefit, I am now paying just $165 for 3 lines thats a saving of $25 a month for all these extra benefits.

I have been using T-Mobile now for 2 months and the Service in the Chicago area where i live is excellent, I have also traveled to the North East and the West coast in the last 2 months and never had an issue with connectivity. BTW the LTE data in my area is smoking fast, I am currently getting 87Mbs Down and 29Mbs Up.

So for anyone looking at changing Cell Phone providers I can strongly recommend T-Mobile at this point.