Goodbye AT&T, Hello T-Mobile

After 13 years using AT&T as my cell service provider and with my oldest child getting to the age where I need to give him a cell phone I decided it was time to look at my options.

I was currently paying roughly $190 for 2 lines with AT&T this included unlimited calls and texts and 10Gb of shared data, both lines are iPhones but 10Gb’s was fine especially when I was working from home, but if I traveled more than 1 week in a month then we got very close to that 10Gb limit.

I then though how much extra data I would need if I add a third line for my eldest kid I know how much data he will get through. Time to look at options.

After looking at Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint I decided to choose T-Mobile as my new service. The first reason was easy T-Mobile would support my current iPhones so I didn’t need to get any new phones.

So what are the benefit I have received by moving to T-Mobile

  • Unlimited Data, Text and Calls
  • Unlimited calls includes landlines and mobiles in a number of different countries included the UK, very important for me 🙂
  • Unlimited Data when traveling abroad, yes this is at 256Kbs speeds but thats good enough when traveling
  • Unlimited Texts when traveling abroad
  • The ability to use our phones as Hotspots (10Gbs is the limit for hotspot data)
  • Free Go-Go internet when traveling on planes
  • Free WiFi calling

So what is the cost benefit, I am now paying just $165 for 3 lines thats a saving of $25 a month for all these extra benefits.

I have been using T-Mobile now for 2 months and the Service in the Chicago area where i live is excellent, I have also traveled to the North East and the West coast in the last 2 months and never had an issue with connectivity. BTW the LTE data in my area is smoking fast, I am currently getting 87Mbs Down and 29Mbs Up.

So for anyone looking at changing Cell Phone providers I can strongly recommend T-Mobile at this point.