VMware UEM Helpdesk Support Tool

The VMware UEM Helpdesk Support Tool provides support capabilities for VMware UEM profile archives and profile archive backups through an intuitive graphical user interface. The VMware UEM Helpdesk Support Tool also provides some analysis functionality by displaying total profile archive sizes for a user and an integrated UEM FlexEngine log file viewer.

The VMware UEM Helpdesk Support Tool can be used by VMware UEM administrators themselves or it can be made available to another department that is in charge of providing support in the area of personalization.

The following actions can be taken with VMware UEM Helpdesk Support Tool:

  • Reset a profile archive for a user
  • Restore a profile archive backup for a user
  • Edit a profile archive for a user
  • View UEM FlexEngine log files for a user
  • See total profile archive and profile archive backup sizes for a user

As the Helpdesk tool is not part of the standard install this blog will document just how to install and configure the UEM Helpdesk tool.

This blog post assumes that you have already configured UEM in your environment and everything is working as designed, if you do not have UEM installed and running then please see my blog on the VMware website Here


Helpdesk Support Tool Configuration Procedure

  1. Enable the Helpdesk Support Tool GPO, this GPO can be found at User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > VMware UEM > Helpdesk Support Tool > UEM Configuration Share


  1. Open the UEM Management Console
  2. Click on the star in the top left hand corner and click Configure Helpdesk Support Tool


  1. Click Add
  2. Enter the path to the user archive folder in the top line and then check to 2 check boxes. The bottom 2 paths will automatically be filled in. Click OK


  1. Click Save


Helpdesk Support Tool Installation Procedure

The following should be installed on all of the desktops that will be allowed to run the helpdesk support tool.

  1. Run the VMware UEM Helpdesk Support Tool x.exe file
  2. Click Next


  1. Accept the License Agreement and click Next


  1. Confirm the destination folder and click Next


  1. Click Install


  1. Click Finish



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