VMware User Enivronment Manager SyncTool

The VMware User Environment Manager SyncTool provides support for users that are not always connected to the network such as Laptop users. The SyncTool is also recommended when users are at remote offices that have slow or limited bandwidth.

As the User Environment Manager SyncTool is not part of the standard install this blog will document just how to install and configure the UEM SyncTool.

This blog post assumes that you have already configured UEM in your environment and everything is working as designed, if you do not have UEM installed and running then please see my blog on the VMware website Here 

SyncTool Configuration Procedure

  1. Configure the following SyncTool GPO’s, these GPO’s can be found at; User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > VMware UEM > SyncTool
  2. Run VMware UEM SyncTool during logon as Group Policy Extension


  1. Watch local profile archive changes


  1. Synchronization Intervals


  1. Synchronization retry intervals


  1. Synchronization Profile Archive Backups


  1. Local Sync Path


  1. Sync Local FlexEngine log file to network at logoff


SyncTool Installation Procedure

The following should be installed on all of the PC’s that will be required to run the SyncTool.

  1. Run the VMware UEM SyncTool x.exe file
  2. Click Next


  1. Accept the License Agreement and click Next


  1. Confirm the destination folder and click Next


  1. Click Install


  1. Click Finish

12For more information on the VMware User Environment Manager SyncTool please see the documentation here. https://www.vmware.com/pdf/uem-860-synctool-admin-guide.pdf


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